18th - 19th September, 2024
UTAC Millbrook, Bedfordshire

Soldier, Training and Special Projects (STSP)

Soldier, Training & Special Projects (STSP) and its four portfolios exist to deliver integrated Dismounted Close Combat, Training and Search, and Countermeasure systems and services for the Joint, Land and UKSF customer to equip and support current and future operations.

STSP does not operate alone and works with partners across Industry, Defence, Allies and others to deliver what our Armed Forces need.

The team is broken down into four portfolios:

  • Dismounted Close Combat (DCC) – provides lethality (weapons), survivability (body armour, helmets) and surveillance and target acquisition (weapon sights, night vision devices) equipment and support to all members of the Armed Forces and Special Forces engaged in dismounted close combat.
  • Specialist and Autonomous Mobility (SAM) – provides modified vehicles and remote-controlled systems for Special Forces and specialist personnel working across all Front-Line Commands.
  • Specialist EOD&S, Exploitation and Countermeasures (SEEC) – provides equipment and capabilities for specialised users in Explosive Ordinance Disposal and Search (EOD&S) and Counter Terrorism roles.
  • Training and Simulation Systems Programme (TSSP) – Provides simulated individual, crew and collective training systems for Joint and Land users.