18th - 19th September, 2024
UTAC Millbrook, Bedfordshire


Land Combat Vehicles (LCV) deliver affordable, coherent, and safe equipment and support capability to the Land Environment. It delivers some of the most critical and high-profile projects and programmes essential to the British Army’s ambitious modernisation programme. From the Mechanised Infantry Vehicle Programme (Boxer) to Challenger 3 (The Army’s new Battle tank), LCV is at the heart of delivering credible, battle-winning combat vehicles which will help the British Army fight and win wars on Land. It also delivers essential support projects such as Material Distribution Land 25 (the Army’s future Heavy Equipment Transporter fleet) to the Army, and Future All Terrain Vehicle to enable the Future Commando Force for the Royal Navy. LCV also hosts the Land Open Systems Architecture Programme, which is driving common systems integration, data standards and interoperability across Vehicles, Soldiers and Infrastructure to drive a more connected and integrated Land force. All in, the LCV portfolio delivers the majority of the Future Soldier Armoured Brigade Combat Team capability, and accounts for an approved spend of circa 7.9bn, approximately 51% of the Land Equipment Operating Centre’s total. You can learn more about LCV at their stand here at Millbrook, where numerous capabilities and prototypes will be on display.

LCV Delivery Areas include:

  • Mechanised Infantry Vehicle (MIV) Boxer Programme.
  • Mechanised Infantry Vehicle enhancements Programme (exploring Boxer Strategic Pipeline).
  • Challenger 3 Programme.
  • Future All-Terrain Vehicle (FATV).
  • Material Distribution Land 25.
  • Land Open Systems Architecture.