18th - 19th September, 2024
UTAC Millbrook, Bedfordshire

DE&S Mission: To equip and support our Armed Forces for operations now and in the future.

Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) is a highly specialised and essential part of the Ministry of Defence (MOD).  DE&S is a bespoke trading entity, and arm’s length body of the Ministry of Defence that manages and delivers equipment procurement and a range of logistics services and support enablers to our Customers: the Royal Navy; the Army; the Royal Air Force; and UK Strategic Command. We work closely with industry, including through partnering agreements and private finance initiatives. This activity is done by a workforce of civilian, military and private contractor staff primarily based in Abbey Wood, Bristol, but with a presence in 150 locations across the UK and overseas.

DE&S is responsible for the through-life approach to equipment procurement and support. This means that we provide management of defence equipment from concept through to disposal. We are the lead department for commercial activities for equipment delivery and support within MOD. Our commercial function provides independent professional judgement on commercial and procurement business matters.

Our programmes are diverse, ranging from defence clothing and ammunition, to armoured vehicles, ships and aircraft. We also manage the defence supply chain, information systems and the naval bases.

Further information can be found by visiting the DE&S website

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