18th - 19th September, 2024
UTAC Millbrook, Bedfordshire

Ajax Portfolio

The Ajax Portfolio Team is responsible for the Demonstration, Manufacture and In-Service support to the Ajax Cat A programme and the Cased Telescopic 40mm (CT40) Cannon; in addition the support for in-service turret weapon systems.

  • Ajax: An advanced fleet of all-weather Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFVs) that will provide deep reconnaissance and strike effect in a contested battlespace. Ajax delivers a step change in lethality, mobility, protection, multi-domain integration and situational awareness than many vehicles worldwide. The introduction of the Ajax capability will see a fundamental change in how the Army will collect, process and distribute information and intelligence. The Ajax programme consists of 6 vehicle types: AJAX, the reconnaissance and joint fires observer; ARES, delivering and supporting specialist troops; ATHENA, command and control; ARGUS, specialist engineer reconnaissance; APOLLO, repairs and tows damaged vehicles, and; ATLAS, recovers damaged vehicles.
  • CT40 Cannon: The 40mm Cased Telescopic Cannon System (CT40) is the main armament of the AJAX vehicle. There is very little else on the defence market today that offers comparable lethality in the same space envelope, providing a huge step forward in our medium calibre capability for the Army.