18th - 19th September, 2024
UTAC Millbrook, Bedfordshire

Strategic Supplier Management Team (SSMT)

The Strategic Supplier Management Team (SSMT) is the MOD focal point for the provision of advice and guidance to companies interested in becoming defence suppliers. SSMT provide a ‘Doing Business with Defence’ outreach service, which aims to facilitate the entry of new, non-traditional and innovative suppliers into the defence supply chain, particularly smaller businesses.

Our products and services include:

• Operating a Defence Suppliers Help Desk facility
• Providing the Doing Business with Defence information pack about becoming a defence supplier and the MOD acquisition processes
• Attendance at trade exhibitions across the UK including delivering presentations on Doing Business with Defence
• Hosting of webinars on how to access MOD opportunities, advertised on Defence Sourcing Portal (DSP)
• Provision of useful information for suppliers via DSP, GOV.UK Procurement Hub, Twitter @defenceproc and LinkedIn @Defence Procurement


Further information about the SSMT and how to become a defence supplier can be obtained by contacting:


Def Comrcl Strategic Supplier Management
Spruce 3b, #1301
Abbey Wood South
Bristol BS34 8JH