DVD2016 - 7th & 8th September 2016 at Millbrook

DVD is a key event for all those involved in UK Land Forces equipment and support.  It is a well-established two day event held at Millbrook Proving Ground jointly sponsored by Army Headquarters and the Defence Equipment & Support (Land Equipment) organisation - the section of the MOD responsible for equipping and supporting the UK's Armed Forces for current and future operations. 

DVD provides an effective and efficient forum for Army HQ staff, DE&S personnel and industry representatives involved in the Land Equipment sector to develop ideas and generate a greater understanding of technologies, capabilities and requirements.  DVD remains an important event enabling this coordinated engagement through informal discussion, briefings, demonstrations and displays. Other stakeholders from across the MOD are also welcome to attend to broaden perspectives and encourage innovation.

The aim of the DVD 2016 is to showcase the equipment and technology that can support a British Army which is fit to meet future challenges and embraces the need for continuous adaptation. 

The theme for DVD 2016 is the development, modernisation and sustainment of Army capability in the context of Divisional Warfare as articulated under the Army 2020 review (although this concept is being refined with conclusions expected in the Summer).  This will encompass the Army’s continued focus on a return to a Contingent Operational footing and the emerging concept and requirements of the future Land Strike capability. 

The event will be organised around the mutually supportive sub-themes of Ready Forces, Strike and Reducing Logistic Need. 


Strike.  The in-service and future platforms required to deliver the Army’s new Strike capability as well as those needed to return the Army to warfighting at the Divisional level capability.

Reducing Logistic Need.  The technologies and innovations required to minimise the Army’s logistic need within the contemporary strategic environment.


Ready Forces.  The capabilities to enable the right forces, at the right readiness standards, to deal with the full range of operational demands that could be placed upon them.

Presentations, demonstrations and exhibitions will therefore be coordinated to align with these themes and exhibitors will be sited within zones dedicated to these themes.  This thematic format will more clearly define the visitor journey and provide added value to the military, industry and the acquisition community that attend the two day event.

Those attending will be able to see a wide range of equipment on display from industry and the military, with more than 250 companies expected to exhibit at the event. Displays will range from specialist vehicles to all the equipment and services necessary to support land-based military operations.

Visitors will experience a full agenda over the two days.  They will have the opportunity to interact with Defence industry exhibitors showcasing the equipment, innovative technology and support solutions that might meet the future Land equipment requirements.

Visitor registration for DVD2016 is now open - register here