Who Will Visit?

Admissions Policy

DVD welcomes MOD personnel, exhibitors’ guests, media and other invited visitors. All visitors should be engaged in the defence industry, the armed forces, defence media, defence colleges and research establishments.

Visitors should note the following additional points:

  1. Visitors must invited to attend by one of the DE&S exhibiting teams or one of the exhibiting companies.
  2. All visitors, including press, must register on-line and will receive a unique barcode by email. The barcode cannot be given or transferred to another person.
  3. Any person who registers for DVD using false information will have their application refused.
  4. All visitors must produce photographic identification, e.g. MOD ID Card, passport or photo ID driving licence.
  5. All visitors must be age 18 or over.
  6. Any person attending DVD must not take part in canvassing, leafleting, demonstrations or any activity which disrupts the event and if doing so will be asked to leave the event.
  7. Previous attendance at DVD does not automatically mean that your application will be accepted for subsequent years