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Indoor Exhibition Area

Indoor exhibition space is available within 3 different zones. These are carpeted venues that offer shell scheme or space only stands. Stand space is available in various sizes, please speak to your zone manager with any specific requests. Shell scheme will be provided at each location unless we are advised to the contrary.

Indoor Exhibition Space

Included with each indoor stand is the following:

  • Standard shell scheme (If required)
  • Company name on nameboard in standard text
  • One 500w power outlet per 9sqm stand space
  • Three spotlights on a 4' track per 9sqm stand space
  • Entry in Show Guide
  • Entry in exhibitors list on website
  • Invitation to attend the pre-event conference on the 15th Sep 2020
  • Internal space, cost per sqm = £210.00 + VAT @ 20%


Outdoor Exhibition Area

Outdoor exhibition space is available in three areas:  The Steering Pad, Bridport and Off Road Zone.

Steering Pad

The Steering Pad, located outside Concept 1, is an outside concrete area on which space only stands can be booked. This area is primarily used for external static displays and there will be no driven demonstration vehicles located on the Steering Pad.


Bridport is a grass area located on the far side of Concept 3, this area will primarily be used for larger static displays and vehicles not appropriate for the Steering Pad.

Off Road

The Off Road Zone is located close to Millbrook’s Off Road Course which will be used to exhibit all demonstration vehicles, static vehicles and other large displays. Vehicles that you wish to demonstrate on the Off Road Course must be located at the Off Road Zone as this is the only area at DVD2020 from which driven demonstration vehicles can be exhibited.

Applicants seeking to exhibit in this space will have their applications adjudicated by MOD. More information on the options will be made available to successful applicants.

Outdoor Exhibition Space

The allocation of space will be organised by Millbrook, in conjunction with the MOD and based on the size and content of proposed exhibits. Temporary structures and hospitality units can be erected, but plans will need to be submitted to Millbrook for approval in advance of the event.

Please be aware that these structures will be on hard-standing or grass and therefore need to have appropriate weighting or tethering for these conditions. It is not permitted to drill into the hard standing. Outdoor stand space includes:

  • Entry in Show Guide
  • Entry in exhibitors list on website
  • Invitation to attend the pre-event conference on the 15th Sep 2020
  • A single source of mains power supply
  • External space, cost per sqm = £76.00 + VAT @ 20%.

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