Soldier, Training and Special Programmes

Deliver and support integrated DCC, Training and EOD & Search systems and services for the Joint, Land and UKSF customer in order to enable success on current and future operations.

Dismounted Close Combat (DCC)


The DCC programme delivers equipment to Soldiers, Royal Marines, Sailors and Airmen engaged in dismounted close combat. The programme is made up of 4 areas of delivery:

  • Surveillance and Target Acquisition (STA)
  • Lethality
  • Command and Battlespace Management (CBM)
  • Survivability


Special Projects, Search and Counter Measures (SPSCM)

SPSCM is a discreet team which is tailored to the needs of the specialist user. The programme delivers Special Forces equipment to Joint Forces Command, for those engaged in Counter-IED and Counter Terrorism work.


Training and Simulation Systems Programme (TSSP)

The TSSP programme delivers training systems and services in the Land and Joint Environments to enable Armed Forces to successfully prepare for operations. This includes live training, command and staff tactical training and crew training.