Operational Support Programmes

Operational Support Programmes (OSP) Mission

Operational Support Programmes consists of four Output Delivery Areas (ODAs) - Operational Infrastructure, Operational Support Vehicle, Protected Mobility Vehicle Programmes and Mechanised Infantry Vehicle - each of which are supported by a centralised Programme Management Office. Our responsibility is to deliver defence wide capability and ensure the through life support of our project portfolio. The role of OSP is a demanding one, responding to the needs of our customers and users deployed on operations at home and abroad.

Operational Infrastructure Programme (OIP)



The outputs of OIP are organised in four delivery pillars:

  • Infrastructure (Domestic, Technical and HQ Accommodation Systems, force protection engineering and expedient surfaces)
  • Utilities (deployable power, fuel and water)
  • Specialist Tools and Equipment (workshop tools and test equipment, and deployable technical support systems)
  • Bridging (Short, Medium and Long Gap)


Operational Support Vehicles Programme (OSVP)



Operational Support Vehicles Programmes is a through life support programme with responsibility for the procurement and in-service management of specialist and logistic vehicles used by the Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force and other users across Defence. We manage this responsibility through five delivery pillars:

  • Specialist Vehicles Solutions (Specialist Vehicles)
  • Private Finance Initiative (C Vehicles, Manual Handling Equipment and Protected Plant)
  • Conventional Vehicle Solutions (Light Cargo Vehicles)
  • Global White Fleet Vehicles (Standard Commercial Vehicles)
  • Logistic Vehicle Solutions (Heavy Deployable Cargo Vehicles and Transporters)
Protected Mobility Vehicle Programme (PMVP)



The Protected Mobility Vehicle Programme is responsible for delivering and supporting through-life Urgent Operational Requirements for wheeled and tracked protected mobility vehicles, including Protected Patrol Vehicles, Tactical Support Vehicles and Light Forces Support Vehicles. Four output teams deliver this capability:

  • Heavy & Medium Vehicles (Cougar-based family of vehicles – Mastiff, Ridgeback, Wolfhound TSV and Husky TSV)
  • Tactical Mobility Vehicles (Jackal, Coyote TSV and Foxhound Light Protected Patrol Vehicle (LPPV))
  • Route Proving Systems (mounted and dismounted Counter-Improvised Explosive Devices (CIED) capabilities from mounted projects such as TALISMAN, Choker and Barbadian)
  • Future (Multi-Role Vehicle Protected (MRV-P) capability, Light Protected Mobility Recovery (LPMR) vehicle and the Future Protected Battlefield Ambulance (FPBFA)).
Mechanised Infantry Vehicle (MIV)

The Mechanised Infantry Vehicle project is at the pre-concept stage, examining what such a capability might offer. Informal discussions have been initiated with representatives from major NATO Allies who already operate 8x8 vehicles to understand others’ experience of operating this capability. At this stage there is no preferred platform for MIV but the international market contains a good choice of available platforms and a genuine Off The Shelf solution is sought.