About DE&S

Land Equipment Operating Centre (LEOC)

Mission: To deliver coherent, safe and affordable equipment and support capability to the Land Environment in a timely manner in order to ensure success on Operations.

The Land Equipment Operating Centre is headed up by Major General Darren Crook who was appointed Director Land Equipment in December 2019. He is responsible for equipping and supporting the majority of our Armed Forces’ land equipment and his team spends over £1bn annually on new equipment and support.

Land Equipment is sub-divided in to programme areas:

  • Director Land Equipment Headquarters (DLE HQ)
  • Land Concepts and Assessments (LCA)
  • Vehicle Demonstration and Manufacture (VDM)
  • Vehicle Support Team (VST)
  • Soldier, Training and Special Projects (STSP)
  • Artillery Systems (Arty Sys)
  • Operational Infrastructure (OI)