Armoured Vehicles Programme

Armoured Vehicles Programmes consists of 3 programme areas – Artillery Systems, In-Service Platforms and Specialist Vehicles. They are supported by a central Hub Programme Office and Headquarters. The purpose of AVP is to provide ‘through life’ equipment solutions in order to equip and support current and future Operations.


Artillery Systems


Artillery Systems are responsible for the delivery of through-life Artillery capability and the enablement of integrated Joint-Fires in the Land environment.  The four output teams that deliver this are:

  • Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I)
  • Guns (towed and self-propelled artillery)
  • Surveillance and Target Acquisition (STA) (radar-based platforms, direction-finding equipment and dismounted artillery equipment)
  • Rockets (Guided Multiple Launch Missile System (GMLRS)




In-Service Platforms


The In Service Platforms (ISP) programme is split into 10 teams. It is tasked to deliver through-life Armoured Fighting Vehicle availability, capability and sustainability and to support a range of armoured fighting vehicles on operations. This includes the procurement and delivery of urgent operational requirements relevant to the equipment managed by Platforms Teams. The teams are:

  • Challenger 2 Life Extension Project (Concept/Assessment phase)
  • Warrior Capability Sustainment Project and Armoured Battlefield Support Vehicle (Demonstration phase)
  • Heavy (In-service Challenger 2, Titan and Trojan)
  • Warrior (in-service)
  • Terrier (in-service)
  • Littoral (in-service BV-206 and the Future All Terrain Vehicle (concept phase))
  • Renaissance and Liason (in-service CVR(T), Bulldog and Panther)
  • Hull and Automotive
  • Special to Role
  • Turret Systems (Remote Weapon Stations)




Specialist Vehicles (SV)


The programme will incrementally deliver a fleet of medium-weight, armoured fighting vehicles to replace the existing Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance Tracked (CVR(T)) fleet, in addition to introducing new vehicle roles. The first increment to be delivered will be Reconnaissance Block 1 (Recce Block 1), which includes the AJAX vehicle, one of the Army’s highest equipment priorities and the replacement for Scimitar. Recce Block 1 also includes the replacement for Samson and Spartan.