Support Enablers Operating Centre (SEOC)

Support Enablers Operating Centre's (SEOC) primary role is providing a range of enabling processes, services and Logistic Information Services (Log IS) solutions that improve the effectiveness of the Defence Support Chain.

SEOC remains responsible for the Inventory Management Transformation programme and is also the corporate home of the Integrated Logistics function.  SEOC consists of 5 Business Units together with a range of centrally managed cross-cutting services:

  • Support Chain Engagement (SCE) - who work  with customers, other OCs and Industry to deliver support improvements
  • Support Chain Information Services  (SCIS) - who deliver the integrated Log IS programme
  • Support Chain Processes (SCP) - who design the processes and provide support enabling services; such as National Codification services and Support Chain modelling
  • Support Chain Professional Development - who provide the functional leadership to the Integrated Logistics function
  • Support Chain Finance (SCFin) - who provide the pan-DE&S financial leadership, measurement, control and scrutiny
  • Cross-Cutting Services - BSG, Finance and Commercial, see individual page links on RHS for more information.

As the DE&S Champion for Support, SEOC:

  • Enables through life capability by driving excellence into the Support Chain across Defence
  • Defines, Designs and Builds the processes and tools that drive improvement in Support, and deploys these across the DE&S, our Customers and Industry
  • Works with our delivery partners across DE&S and MOD to make CASP 15 the year of the objective measurement for Support