Support Enablers Operating Centre (SEOC)

The Support Enablers Operating Centre (SEOC) provides a range of enabling processes, services and logistic information services that form the backbone of the defence support chain. SEOC leads the improvement of support chain capability, drives the application of consistent support chain processes, oversees elements of regulatory compliance and sustains competitive advantage through the exploitation of support information.

The pan-defence capability that SEOC provides facilitates the support chain between industry and the front line; without that capability defence stops. SEOC is the sole entity within DE&S charged with providing this broad range of essential enabling services across all other DE&S operating centres (OCs) and the front line commands (FLCs).

The Defence Support Network Transformation (DSNT) Programme – which seeks to cohere the MOD’s support network capability – is one of the highest strategic priorities for defence. SEOC are already playing a key role in making this happen and this exciting opportunity will only grow as DSNT matures. Allied to this SEOC are also at the very heart of the DE&S 'Way to Support', which focusses on what support means in defence, how it works for DE&S and specifically the more ‘S’ in DE&S’ initiative. It is a key component of DSNT and will help drive the transformational activity necessary to optimise the Defence Support Network (DSN).