Logistic Delivery Operating Centre (LDOC)

Mission: Transform the materiel supply chain at lower cost and higher performance to deliver the needs of our Armed Forces.

The Logistic Delivery Operating Centre (LDOC) is part of Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S). The LDOC vision is to successfully deliver a transformed supply chain; provide robust supply chain services that meet the needs of our customers; increasing integration, visibility and coherence from factory door the end user, and be a high performing OC where people want to work.

LDOC currently has 750 personnel, with around 600 civilians and 150 military staff who are spread across multiple sites, principally Abbey Wood, Northolt and West Moors. It also has site management responsibilities at Donnington, Longmoor and Ashchurch, and numerous Defence Mail Centres throughout the UK.

LDOC is unique within DE&S in that the majority of its teams provide immediate business outputs and services to all Front Line Commands (FLC). By housing all these elements of the supply chain within a single OC, we have increased our ability to influence the end to end delivery of materiel into MOD and all the way through to deployment into operations or training.