Land Equipment Operating Centre (LEOC)

Mission: “To provide through life equipment solutions to equip and support current and future operations for its customers across Defence.”

The Land Equipment Operating Centre is headed up by Major General Colin McClean who was appointed Director Land Equipment in October 2017.  He is responsible for equipping and supporting the majority of the Army’s land equipment and his team spends over £1Bn annually on new equipment and support.

Land Equipment is a customer-focused Operating Centre within Defence Equipment and Support, which exists to provide front line support to the British Armed Forces. It supports and sustains equipment and delivers logistics throughout the operational cycle with the agility and responsiveness as agreed with the Front Line Commands and Permanent Joint Head Quarters.  Supporting a wide range of areas, including Joint Military Users, Other Government Departments and the Special Forces community.

Land Equipment Operating Centre (LEOC) consists of six subordinate teams, supported by a headquarters.  
The teams are;

  • Land Concept and Assessment (LCA)
  • Vehicle Demonstration & Manufacture (VDM)
  • Vehicle Support (VST)
  • Soldier, Training and Special Programmes (STSP)
  • Operational Infrastructure (OI)
  • Artillery Systems (Arty Sys)