Defence Equipment Sales Authority (DESA)

The Defence Equipment Sales Authority (DESA), which is part of Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S), is the sole authority within the MOD for the sale of surplus military equipment and inventory from the UK Armed Forces. It offers an alternative way for customers and international Governments to acquire proven capabilities in a cost effective manner. The DESA uses its close working relationships with UK defence industry to facilitate bespoke refurbishment and through life support packages for our customers. DESA is excited to be exhibiting at DVD, displaying some of the surplus equipment available for sale, including CVR(T), Warthog and MAN SV.

The DESA has four key objectives for all of its sale activity:

  • Maximise the receipts for the MOD 
  • Ensure that legal and environmental requirements are met
  • Provide Defence Engagement opportunities as a result of our sales activity
  • Provide opportunities for British industry as part of the prosperity agenda
DESA will be displaying some of the following equipment at DVD2018.

Land Rover - A range of short and long wheel base Landrovers.











LR RWMIK - Revised Weapons Mounted Installation Kit, or RWMIK and RWMIK+, are lightly armoured, high mobility weapons platforms based on the Landrover chassis.










Panther - Panther Is a 4x4 Command and Liaison vehicle widely used by the British Army and Royal Air Force.










Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked) - CVR(T) equips the Armoured Cavalry Regiments as well as elements of the 3 Armoured and 6 Armoured Infantry Battlegroups, including their close reconnaissance troops and platoons.


MAN Support Vehicle 6T - Built by MAN Truck and Bus UK Limited and entered service in 2008.  The Fleet is the Army’s workhorse delivering logistic effect for all Army Units.


Warthog - Manufactured by STK, it is a modified and upgraded version of the Singapore Army’s Bronco.  The Warthog family consists of Troop Carrier, Command and Control, Ambulance and Repair and Recovery variants.  All variants are equipped with an upgraded cooling and filtration system.


Buffalo - The Mine Protected Clearance Vehicle is a Buffalo platform based upon the UK MASTIFF and forms part of the Talisman Route Proving and Clearance suite of vehicles.


Pinzgauer - Pinzgauer is a range of 4x4 Truck Utility Medium vehicles.

Location: Off Road

Further information about DESA can be obtained visiting the DESA website or by contacting:

Sue Hodson
Defence Equipment Sales Authority
HQ Business Services
MOD Abbey Wood
NH4 Elm 2B
BS34 8JH

Tel: 030 679 86351